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Friday, April 8th, 2005
Crud Monkeys

I can think of more colorful words, but don’t want the cuss-police on my tail. So I’ll just take a page from Tick Calvert and say, “My life sucks.”

Heard from Kern today. I’m now in the mood for chocolate and wine…and possibly tequila. So what does that mean? Pass. No reason why. No explanation as to what caused them to request the partial, no reason as to why they didn’t want to see the rest. Just a beautiful form EMAIL rejection. Fabulous. Now THAT makes me want to write.

And what really burns is that they kept my SASE, and now I’m out 37 cents!


Writers are supposed to have thick skins. I do. And now I’m going to go bathe my sorrows in a Corona…

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