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Monday, October 13th, 2008
CPs are Gold!

First a funny story…

So I haven’t picked up a book in almost two months, other than mine. I’ve been too busy writing and doing promo for STOLEN FURY. Last week I finished SEDUCTION and sent it to my CPs. Then – waiting – looked at my TBR pile and picked up good friend – Alice Sharpe-‘s July release from Intrigue – The Lawman’s Secret Son. Now, I love Alice. We chat nearly every day. I knew all about this book before it was written. We brainstormed parts and pieces along the way. I’ve ONLY waited to read it because I knew it would distract me and I needed to stay focused. So I pick the book up and start reading…and proceed to chuckle…and chuckle…and chuckle. NOT because the book is funny (it’s not a comedy at all, but it IS a GREAT RS and I’m really enjoying it). No, I proceeded to laugh out loud because I came across three names – THREE – in the first 50 pgs alone that are in my books. You’re thinking, “yeah, not a surprise. You two chat all the time.” True, but we never ever talk about names. And Alice hasn’t read my books yet. What’s so funy is we’re on the same page namewise without even knowing it.

But I digress…back to the CPs…

Two of mine get big HUGE brownie points for reading on a time crunch. I owe them…BIG time, since the book is due Wed. and they dropped everything to read for me this weekend. So a BIG shout-out to Joan and Lisa…THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! You girls are da bomb. And you both caught things I totally missed. What would I do without you???

Do you use CPs? I’ve heard of published authors dropping their CPs after they sold. I can’t imagine NOT working with mine. They’re worth their weight in gold.

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